The Future of Water and Humanity

"Water and Humanity" is primarily about networking, collaboration and advancement of concrete activities, in support of solutions to outstanding issues, to realize untapped opportunities. A series of events have formed important building blocks for maturing this agenda and growing the network, in particular:


Launch and Expert Workshops took place in Muscat on Nov. 13-15, 2019. That initial event was held primarily at the National Museum of the Sultanate of Oman. It started in the morning, November 13, 2019, with workshops for children, addressing history, culture, contemporary challenges, and outlook for the future. The afternoon that day featured an introduction to Oman and its unique history, including by way of social organisation in managing sweet water as well as navigating the seas as prominent elements, displayed at a guided tour of the museum. This was followed by networking activities. Substantive Workshops were undertaken through the second day, November 14, in the Multi-Purpose room of the Museum. The evening dinner was arranged in a traditional Omani restaurant, Ubhar. The final day featured additional workshops, matchmaking, and a tree-planting event.

The initial event was followed up by a series of expert meetings held on February 3-6, 2020, and then various on-line events during 2020 (under the duress of COVID-19).


Water and Humanity proceeded with various project activities through the subsequent year. At the same time, plans for the next major International Conference had to be re-scheduled, more than once, due to the continued hurdles posed by the ongoing pandemic. Evetually, it took place on October 17-20, 2022. On this occasion, Water & Humanity joined forces with the Global Forum, a major international IT conference that which had previously been held annually during 28t years.

While the Global Forum had thus far been hosted by many capitals and other colourful and innovative cities in Europe, North America and elsewhere, the 29th edition - the Muscat conference - represented the first occasion that the Global Forum met outside the OECD, and notably in the Middle East.. Co-organised with Water & Humanity, the theme of this major event was coined: “The Global Forum: Technology, Sustainability, and Humanity”.