Earth Day

On April 22, 2021, the 51st Earthday, Water and Humanity undertook the following activities:


Oman TV:  The national broadcasting network produced a through piece which went on the air in the evening of the 22nd, prime time.  It featured a through presentation by one of the main news anchors and a statement by prof. Thomas Andersson of Water and Humanity, with a message to collaborate on action to combat climate change and achieve sustainability: 

Starting on Earth Day, an awareness campaign was launched on social media,  a series of 8 posts on the importance of "water savings and climate change":  (@Waterandhumanity)


Again with the engagement of Oman TV, we arranged and filmed  "tutorials"  how to plant trees in the Middle East with water-saving technology. These have later been further developed in collaboration

A youth activity was launched, with children meeting, discussing and "acting" on Climate Change;  see ….

This links to the broader agenda for children and youth run by Water & Humanity, the “valuing water” workshop series…. Link