About Us

"Water and Humanity" is a multi-stakeholder initiative, which has grown out of substantive collaborative projects and novel activities run by a number of different actors, in Oman and internationally.


The Secretariat is provided by the Organisation for Quality and Innovation Strategies (Qualies), founded as a limited company in 2002 in Salalah, Oman, which i snow run as a not-for-profit organisation promoting sustainability.  The team making up the secretariat, represents a blend of Omani and international experts. 


Already before Water and Humanity was launched, Qualies and the National Museum of the Sultanate of Oman, located at the centre of Muscat old town, ran related projects under the heading of Social Corporate Responsibility. Based on shared positive experience, the National Museum hosted the invigorating event, in November 2019. 


Other key building blocks include the support provided by the International Organisation of Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development (IKED), in Sweden, and the broader consortium of URBiNAT, a Horizon 2020 project with 29 partner organisations, European and Non-European, devoted to Nature-based Solutions (NBS) in Urban Development. Yet another is the active engagement of Hydrousa, a Horizon 2020 project with 27 partner organisations, devoted to the promotion of new solutions in water management. 


Several Omani government bodies, universities, private companies and non-government organisation engage actively in Water and Humanity together with our international partners, these organisations have helped frame an inclusive platform and network with local touch and global reach, promoting and leveraging joint efforts to develop and implement solutions to some of the most important and most challenging issues confronting us all. 


 “Water and Humanity” does not represent a single organisation or series of events. It represents an agenda, an ongoing effort and a series of projects aimed to help fuel and sustain cross-border collaboration, which ultimately will be what matters the most for the future of the world we live in.