W&H Working Paper Series

Water and Humanity Working Paper Series


Individual papers in the series, 2019 – March 2022, are listed below according to focus area. Individual papers can be requested by contacting info@waterandhumanity.com



Focus Area I: Heritage, Diplomacy and the Future

1)         “Leveraging Cultural Assets Proposed Cross-Border Museum Collaboration”, by IULM, Milan, and Water & Humanity, Oman

2)        “Workshops on Valuing Water: Engaging Children and Youth”, by Water & Humanity, Oman, with partners

3)        “Comparative Approach to Regional Water Conflicts”, by Water & Humanity providers (in progress)

4)         “World’s Best Tourism Village, Misfa and cross-broder collaboration realizing the value of Cultural Heritage”, by Husni al Abri in collaboration with Water & Humanity partners (in progress)


Focus Area II: Quality of Life, Health and Leadership

1)        “Water, Energy and Food Proposal for Collaboration between 8 Water Bodies, Water & Humanity Secretariat, Oman, and partners’ network

2)        “METSI Communication Portal”, by Sigidi Solutions, South Africa, and Water & Humanity, Oman

3)        “Antibiotics in Waste Water”, by Ahmed Al Busaidi, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU)

4)        “Urban flooding, Risk and Resilience in Cities”, by Euromed Cities Network, Nice, France (in progress)


Focus Area III: Industry, Produced Water and Treatment Solutions

1)        “Systemic Approach to Produced Waters”, by River Publishers, Netherlands and Planet, Brescia, Italy 

2)        “Introduction to Battery Recycling”, by River Publishers, Netherlands, AA-Solutions, Germany, and Water & Humanity, Oman

3)         “Mangrove Technology Application for Oman”, by Water & Humanity Secretariat in collaboration with Planet, Brescia, Italy (for MEDRC, not yet official)

4)         “The Application of Ceramic Membranes for the Treatment of Produced Waters”, by AA-Solutions, Germany (available as abstract)

5)        “The Novel Incorporation of Dual Media Filtration inside the Salt Flotation” (DAF Systems), by AA-Solutions, Germany (available as abstract)


Focus Area IV: Climate Change, Water Cycles and Ecosystems

1)        "Research on Training Programmes for Water Conservation, Land Protection and Restoration", by Carbon Consulting Company, Sri Lanka

2)        "Bar Al Hickman:  A Pristine Wetland in the Sultanate of Oman", by the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOC), Utrecht, The Netherlands, and the Higher College of Technology, Oman

3)         "Aquaculture in Oman", by Qualies for Dutch Gulf, the Netherlands  

4)         "Vision 2030 Plan for Africa”, by VERTEX, South Africa

5)         “Agenda for Wetlands and Mangrove Ecosystems Support”, Water & Humanity Secretariat (in progress)

6).        "Green Cover Loss, Dust Storms and Managing Water in the Middle East", by Zist Fannavary Sepehr Bakhtar, Science and Technology Park, Kermanshah, Iran (in progress)